• Children's Ministry

    The heart of children's ministry at Oak Grove is to teach kids about who God is, & how His word applies to their lives in fun & creative ways. Through teach that engages them, supportive environments, & fun classes, we want to guide children toward a better understanding of God's Word, & what it means to have a real relationship with God.

  • FUEL Student Ministry

    Grades 7-12

    We want to guide our students in developing a personal faith in Jesus, & in growing as disciples. We wan them to have thier lives transformed by the Holy Spirit, & learn to faithfully live out the stories that God is writing with their lives. It's our goal to equip students to live lives that honor & reflect Christ so that they might reach others for His glory.


  • Men's Ministry

    The mission Oak Grove's men's ministry is to develop a community of men dedicated to growing as disciples of Jesus, building one another up, & serving our homes, our church, our work, and our community, with Christ-like character.

  • Women's Ministry

    The goal of the Women's Ministry is to provide opportunities for women to know Jesus, experience spiritual growth, & to build biblical community.

  • Senior's ministry

    It doesn’t matter how old you are, God’s not through with you yet. Everyone is important & everyone has a place, including you. Our Senior's Ministry is a place to be reminded of, & encouraged in that truth; as well as to further spiritual growth & biblical community.

  • stitch-by-stitch outreach

    This group ministers to those inisde & outside the church, through making things like hats for cancer patients going through chemo, quilts for nursing homes, & much more.

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Want be a part of the development of new ministries? Then come be a part of Oak Grove. We are striving to revitalize who we are as we live out our mission. You can be a part of that revitalization!