Joining any church is an important commitment. It's vital to understand that there's nothing about being a member that makes you a Christian; however, being involved in a Christian community (church) is important to growth as a believer. After all, God created us for community, & the church was His idea. Church Membership is a biblical principle that helps believers become involved in the local church, have the embrace of a caring community, & have strong spiritual accountability. 

In order to join Oak Grove you must be a believer in Christ & you must be baptized by immersion. If you have been saved & baptized, you will need to attend a Starting Point class led by Pastor Rocky. These classes take place on the last Sunday of every month at 9:45 AM, in the break room accross from Pastor Rocky's office. Once you have attended the Starting Point class, there are three ways that you can go about joining in church membership:

  1. If you've never put surrendered your life to Jesus by putting your faith in Him for salvation, talk to Pastor Rocky. We will walk through an understanding of salvation &, if you do put your faith in Jesus, we will set up a time for baptism.  If you have already put your faith in Jesus but haven't been baptized, talk to Pastor Rocky & we will set up a time for your baptism.

  2. If you were already a member of a church, have been saved & baptized, then you can join by transfer of letter. All that means is that after you come down to join we will send a letter to your previous church letting them know that you are joining our church, & they will respond with your information.

  3. If you're already a Christian & have been baptized (by immersion), but are not attending church anywhere, you can come down during the invitation & join by "statement of faith."

If you would like more information on joining Oak Grove, or more information about the Starting Point class,

feel free to contact us.