Joining any church is an important commitment. There's nothing about being a member that makes you a Christian; however, being involved in a Christian community (church) is important to growth as a believer. After all, God created us for community. Church Membership is a biblical principle that helps believers become involved in the local church, have the embrace of a caring community, and have strong spiritual accountability. 

In order to join the church you must be a believer in Christ and you must be baptized by immersion. If you have been saved and baptized, you will need to attend a Starting Point class led by the pastor. These classes take place on the first Sunday of every month at 9:45 AM in the break room accross from Pastor Rocky's office. Once you have attended the Starting Point class, there are three ways that you can go about joining in church membership:

  1. Come down at the end of the service (during the invitation), put your faith in Christ, and be baptized. Or, if you have already put your faith in Christ, come and talk to Pastor Rocky about baptism.

  2. If you were already a member of a church, have been saved and baptized, then you can join by transfer of letter. All that means is that after you come down to join we will send a letter to your previous church letting them know that you are joining our church, and they will respond with your information.

  3. If you're already a Christian and have been baptized (by immersion), but are not attending church anywhere, you can come down during the invitation and join by "statement of faith."

If you would like more information on joining Oak Grove, or more information about the Starting Point call, feel free to contact us.